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Director:          Ido Hagin, Amit Hagin 

Producer:             Roxana Borlak

Cast:               Lilly Ray, Nicole A. Saleweska


11 minutes. 2017

 Amit Hagin Produktion

Lea lives alone with her mother. But her mom's new boyfriend is not aware of her existence. Being a secret, every time he comes to visit Lea is sent by her mother to hide in a small attic, where she spends her nights only with her fish, Oliver. While her mother has to share her time between her parenting life and her love life, Lea delves, together with Oliver, into her own childlike world of mystery, recording a story of her invention to an old recording-machine.

*The Violette Film Festival, California* 

Judges Selection Award, Best Film Runner Up Award

*Kargil International Film Festival, India*

Best Story Award

*California Women’s Film Festival*

Best Foreign Film Award

*Tirana International Film Festival*

*Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival*

*European Short Film Festival, germany*

*Little Wing Short Film Festival, London*

*Cinemaway Film Festival, Lviv, Ukraine*

*Nida Short Film Festival, Lithuania* 

*The Short Nights of Berlin Film Festival, germany*

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